Wound Plaster


As the market economy continues to develop and people become more and more concerned about their health, health care and medical treatment accompany human beings throughout their lives and the market for such is growing. With the improvement of production technology, there is an abundance of diversified products, but it also brings good and bad products. As a medical and health industry, quality is particularly important.

As a supplier to the medical and health industry, DreamsTrip has always made product quality the most important aspect, rather than going for bottomless cost cutting. So products made in China, the price is only lower not the lowest, this can not guarantee the quality of the product, and medical and health products more can not go to reduce the quality, but need to constantly improve the quality of products to protect the consumer.

As a responsible supplier, DreamsTrip adheres to the principle of quality first and service first, providing customers with the best products and one-stop sourcing services.

Maybe our prices are not the lowest, but our quality is the best, and that’s enough!!!

Best Cooperative Supplier

Perhaps you are constantly looking for factories, seeking the lowest price, but unable to communicate, ensure quality, stable delivery or feel confident about payment. DreamsTrip, as a subsidiary of Suzhou Import & Export Group – Suzhou Hengrun Import & Export Group, is a state-owned enterprise in Suzhou, without any capital risk, we invest and hold more than 30 enterprises, joint venture with factories, cost consistency, and have 40 years of export experience, with a professional medical and health field sales team of more than 50 people.

One-to-one communication and after-sales service, one-stop purchasing service and one-stop door-to-door delivery service ensure product quality, financial security and efficient logistics service.
DreamsTrip is your best reliable supplier partner!