Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing

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Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing

Hydrocolloid is a material containing gel-form agents, such as carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and gelatin. It is applied to wound management, support wound bed a moist environment, accelerate wound healing process.

Application of hydrocolloids :

  •  Chronic wound or Incontinence
  1. CareHydrocolloid wound dressing
  2. Ostomy care
  3. Urostomy care
  4. Nasal oxygen cannula fixing strips
  •  Skin care and foot care
  1. Hydrocolloid acne plaster compare with Nexcare acne cover
  2. Hydrocolloid blister plaster compare with Compeed, Nexcare-, sos blister plaster

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  • CMC in the hydrocolloid convert in gel when in contact with wound exudates, accelerate wound healing;
  • Semi-transparent,easy to observe wound healing process.
  • Good elasticity, comfortable, free movement, apply to any parts of wounds.
  • PU film surface, waterproof and air-permit, prevent external contamination.

Ideal for light to moderate wounds;
Venous ulcers
I-II bedsore
Superficial and small burn wounds
Post-op wounds
Donor skin sites
Superficial trauma and beauty operation wounds
Granulation and epithelialization of chronic wounds

Packaging Details:

Paper bag or Plastic bag


15-20 days production and packaging, can arrange various types of logistics channels such as air, sea, railway, or tax-included delivery, door-to-door services

Hydrocolloid wound dressing

compare to Duoderm, Granuflex, 3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid
Product details

Place of Origin:

 China Brand Name:OEM 
Model Number:


 Disinfecting Type:

irradiation sterilization


Medical Materials & Accessories


customized, customized



 Shelf Life:

3 years


hydrocolloid, hydrocolloid

 Quality Certification:


Instrument classification:Class I Safety standard:

Directive 93/42/EEC


wound dressing or wound care

 Product name:

hydrocolloid dressing


CE ISO13485








Personal Care


Features of hydrocolloid wound dressings:

  1. CMC in the hydrocolloid convert in gel when in contact with wound exudates, accelerate wound healing;
  2. Semi-transparent, better for observe wound healing process.
  3. Elastic, comfortable, free movement, suitable to any body parts
  4. PU film surface, water-proof, reduce risk of roll up and bunching


Product type :hydrocolloid dressing
Condition ·Pressure Ulcer , Skin Care, Wound Care
DepartmentCardiovascular , Emergency , Intensive Care Unit , Medical-Surgical , Oncology , Operating Room -Surgery , Radiology , Urgent Care , Wound Care
Latex :No
Pressure Ulcer Condition Type :Stage 2, Stage 3
Skin Care Condition Type :Moisture-Associated Skin Damage
Wound Care Condition Type :Venous ulcers, 1-11 bedsore, Superficial and minor burn wounds, Post-op Wound management, Donor Skin Sites, Superficial trauma and cosmetology and plastic surgery wound management, Granulation and epithelialization of chronic wound care.

Product Styles

  1. Hydrocolloid  Border*   Ideal for managing mild to moderately draining chronic and acute wounds.

   hydrocolloid border dressing_1

2.  Hydrocolloid  Standard* /HP   Ideal for managing mild to moderately draining chronic and acute wounds where cushioning may be helpful.

hydrocolloid standard HP dressing_1

3.  Hydrocolloid  Thin*       Ideal for dry and light exudating chronic and acute wounds and for areas subject to friction.

hydrocolloid Thin wound dressing

4.  Hydrocolloid   Post-OP*   Ideal for managing post-op incision sites, superficial dry to lightly exuding wounds , and abrasions.

Hydrocolloid post op wound dressing

5. Hydrocolloid Strips*       Ideal for Urostomy care, soft, flexible, hypoallergenic.


hydrocolloid strips wound dressing

NOTES: Special sizes vaild based on customers’ demands.

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